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Join us for the 23rd Annual CornerHouse Fundraising Event as the Minnesota Twins play host to the Chicago White Sox on Thursday, July 24, 2014. Click the button on the right or click here to order tickets. Download a flier with more information about the game and pre-game activities here.

Blue Kids will be placed all around Minneapolis and St. Paul throughout the month of April, or place a Blue Kid in your own front yard or garden. Blue Kids represent the thousands of children abused in Minnesota each year. When you sponsor a Blue Kid, you help give children a safe place to talk about their abuse; you recognize the children who experience abuse every day; and you educate the public about how they can make a difference in a child¹s life. To learn more about Blue Kids or our Open House event on April 16, click here. To buy a Blue Kids sign, click here.

NEW! Home Visiting Program

CornerHouse is pleased to announce the inauguration of its Home Visiting Program. This program will enhance the supports we provide for families and assure that we are contributing to the stabilization and healing for families of the children we serve. For more details about the Home Visiting Program, click here.

CornerHouse Protocol Article Published

Jennifer Anderson, CornerHouse Associate Director, published an article about the evolution of the CornerHouse Forensic Interview Protocol in the last issue of the APSAC Advisor. Jennifer has conducted numerous forensic interviews and authored multiple works regarding forensic interviewing. Ms. Anderson speaks at national conferences and provides extensive training courses to diverse groups of multi-disciplinary professionals including training the investigators from the International Criminal Court, multi-disciplinary professionals in Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore, India as well as those in Tokyo, Japan. To read the full article, click here.

CornerHouse Protocol Training

CornerHouse has over 20 years experience in training law enforcement, child protection and county attorneys in the forensic interview protocol. We are excited to be implementing update training for the revised CornerHouse protocol and hope you can join us!

Take advantage of early bird rates and book your 2014 CornerHouse training today.
We offer trainings at our site or yours, with courses on a range of topics for learners of all levels, from one day to five days in length. Don't let another year go by without getting your colleagues and yourself up to speed! Check out our training pages in the tab to the left for dates and descriptions.

While You're There...
Make sure to check out our newest addition to the program: The CornerHouse Forensic Interview Protocol™ Update Training, available as a stand alone two-day training or as a one-day addition to our On-Site MultiSession Trainings.

CornerHouse Updates

Here's a brief update on some of the activities going on at CornerHouse--please contact us if you have any questions regarding these activities:

CornerHouse is moving forward on its strategic goal to advance the field of forensic interviewing by establishing a research center. The academic research assures that the protocol continues to evolve and improve, provides evidence for the protocol's effectiveness, and solidifies CornerHouse's position as the leading forensic interview model taught in the United States. In collaboration with the University of Minnesota School of Social Work, CornerHouse has completed research on the use of Narrative Practice techniques in the CornerHouse Protocol. Research finding have been presented at two national conferences and submitted for publication in a scholarly journal. Watch for it soon!

We had an amazingly exciting Let's Dance Event! Thanks to all of our supporters; you will be helping us to serve many needs with your generous donations! Look for updates and pictures soon!

CornerHouse has established six linkage agreements with local therapeutic agencies and recruited two Master of Social Work Interns to expand our capacity to serve children and families. Within the next several months, CornerHouse will launch a home visiting program to ensure intensive and accessible services are available to families who need them.

Got 4 extra hours a week? We'd love your help Mon through Fri between 8 am and 4 pm. To find out more, email .

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CornerHouse Protocol Updates and FAQ

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Welcome to CornerHouse

The vicious cycle of child abuse is interrupted only when children are heard and the abuse is stopped.

CornerHouse hears the voices of approximately 450 children each year when conducting forensic interviews and medical examinations of children who have reported sexual abuse, witnessed violent crime or who may have been otherwise victimized.

CornerHouse also trains others about best practices in forensic interviewing. To date, CornerHouse has trained over 25,000 individuals who have come from 49 states and 14 countries seeking forensically sound methods of interviewing children.

Trainees report that CornerHouse training is, “…by far the best training (they) have ever attended…”!

CornerHouse Vision

Children grow up free from abuse.

CornerHouse Mission

CornerHouse assures that the voices of children and adolescents are heard.

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