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Help for Parents & Caregivers

caregivers image Discovering that a child you love has been abused or hurt in some way can bring about a wide mix of emotions, from guilt to denial to fear. As a caregiver, you probably find yourself wanting to support your child, but you may feel overwhelmed; not knowing how to help or talk with your child.

The support of a caregiver is the single most important factor in promoting healing in a child after abuse has occurred (Spaccarelli, 1994). By being here on this website, you are already taking steps towards providing the support your child and family need to heal and thrive.

CornerHouse Caregiver Support

CornerHouse Caregiver Support gives caregivers the help and guidance they need through referrals, education, crisis support, and tools. The support of a caregiver is one of the most important factors in promoting healing in a child after abuse has occurred.

If you have specific questions or are looking for support, please contact the Family Services Director, Angela Lewis-Dmello, at (612) 813-8312 or

If you or your child are in immediate danger, please call 911. If you suspect a child has been a victim of abuse but is currently safe, please see our Report Abuse page.

Therapy & Support

Not every child who has a sexual abuse experience needs extensive therapy. However, it can be helpful for youth to have a relationship with a mental health professional so they have a safe place to bring questions, worries, and fears or to make sense of their experience and reactions to it. Similarly, parents may seek support from a mental health professional to deal with their feelings of shock or disbelief, to work through past experiences that this brings up, or to get help so they can be a support to their child. In addition, some families may prefer a group support environment to individual therapy.

CornerHouse Therapeutic Partners

As a part of our accreditation through the National Children’s Alliance, and to ensure the best services for our clients, we have developed linkage agreements with the following mental health providers who specialize in trauma-focused mental health services. Linkage agreements are agreements between our agency and theirs to assure that these organizations are providing services geared toward the clients we serve.

Casperson Therapy Center
Family Enhancement Center
Family Partnership
Headway Emotional Health
Lee Carlson Center
Pathways Health Crisis Resource Center

Support Groups

CornerHouse Support Group
Family Enhancement Center

Domestic Abuse Project
Circle of Parents

Additional Therapy Options

Twin Cities Metro Area
Greater Minnesota

Additional Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Educating Yourself
Taking Care of Yourself
Prevention & Safety
Supporting Your Child
For Parents/Caregivers of Children with Disabilities
Sexual Abuse within the Family

For additional resources, including book recommendations, please click here.

For Recursos en Español, please click here.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for victims of crime. Find out more information about these programs for Minnesota or Nationwide.